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Banner of the Oath: The symbol of a Greatsword plunged into the earth

They are to the West just by the sea and have been known to scouring the other villages and cities. They are strong on taxes, their justice, but are riddled with corrupt politicians.


Emblem of Broken Triagle. This is the most religious faction, devout to spreading their religion as the true savior from the ghosts of the mages. They believe that one day the mages will rise again to purge the land and enslave them.

HOUSE Travere:

Said to be the most ambitious house, especially considering the majority of battles fought were won by House Travere. They are the most unforgiving house, known for their cruel tortures of men being split into four by horses. They were given the name, Lords of The Mountain, after defeating the mages. However; settling upon the mountain, their has has been cursed and is riddled with Heresey speakers. They tell tales of the two gods and angels.

Objective for players:

The players must escort a priest to a village that has failed to pay its taxes, as rumors have spread about numerous bandits. The priest is chosen as they are equal to the word of God, therefore, are incapable of lying.

Main Page

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